Karlita - stepping into my true self (manifestress) wrote in cybersociety,
Karlita - stepping into my true self

Welcome to CyberSociety!

Just like groups in Real Life, Communities on-line reflect personalities and dynamics of their members and leader...

I'd like to welcome you to cybersociety, and invite you to participate.

Anyone who is interested in the interaction between the individual and the individual's on-line journal, the interaction between on-line journals, and the interaction between on-line journals and communities, and community-to-community - well, this is a place to study and discuss, as well as vent, process, debate, discuss, report, gain insight, get confused, and meet like-minded LJ Junkies.

To introduce myself, I've been posting on LJ since October 2001, and have a Friends-Only LJ that is maxed out at almost 750 Friends.

I'm a member of 110 communities, and participant and contributor to about 15% of those.

I see this community as a safe forum to explore and consider all the ramifications and trends in the interpersonal and intrapersonal experience of LiveJournal and other on-line journals.

Let's Go For It!!!
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